Who’s going to be at the Disney Qualifier in Orlando on the 28th?
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Q: I have just finished my 8th grade year and I still cannot OVERHAND SERVE. I refuse to go in freshman year an UNDERHAND SERVER. HELP ME!!!

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A lot of the time when someone gets frustrated because they can’t make an overhand serve, they’ll just stop trying and serve underhand. The problem with this is then you aren’t getting practice or repetition. The more you do something, the more comfortable you become with it, and the better you’ll get at it. Just keep that in mind. 

It all goes back to your form. I’m assuming you’re right handed, if not, just flip everything I’m saying.

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Q: I'm going into the 6th grade next year and I want to know if school season and club season are ever at the same time. Plus how do I find out when the tryouts are. Thanks!!

This is dependent on your school. For my middle school, the first month of club conflicted with the last few weeks of middle school volleyball, which made it difficult. But this is also dependent on when club starts. I know a lot of clubs don’t start until January whereas mine starts last month of November. Coaches are usually pretty lenient though about ending school volleyball and starting club, they understand that sometimes there’s conflicts. 

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I”m trying to get back in the habit of posting but I really need your guys’ help! Also, for my male followers, if you can think of anything that’s specific to mens volleyball, let me know because I want to start making posts for that as well. 

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Q: This is my first year in club and I'm 5'8" so I automatically got middle hitter. But I have a lot of trouble with, we'll everything. I'm definitely the worst on my team and I can't get my serve down either. I'm in shape for volleyball it's just the technique I can't get. Please help with my serve and approach form!

First of all, don’t think of yourself as the worst on your team. You’re probably just the least experienced, there’s a difference. 

There’s a lot of really fixable things that seem small but actually affect your serve a lot. The first is before you even toss the ball. *I’m assuming you’re right handed, if not just reverse everything I’m saying* Make sure you start with your right arm already up, instead of down at your side. It should be back behind you at a 90 degree angle, with your shoulder high. Make sure it stays there until you’re about to contact the ball. A lot of people let it creep up or have it do some sort of floppy thing which takes away from the power and control you’ll have on the ball. 

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Q: ok so this is kind of a strange question so I won't feel bad if you don't post it on your blog... I was wondering what underwear you wear with spandex? (I know that sounds creepy) I have supposedly lineless underwear that I wear with spandex, but most of the time the lines still show...

Not a weird question at all! Most people I know just wear thongs. I’m not a huge fan of thongs so I would wear boy shorts and just make sure they didn’t roll up when I put the spandex on and that worked just fine. We were all talking about it on my team and one of the girl’s said she didn’t even wear underwear with them, so now that’s what I do. It’s just a lot easier. 

Anyways, happy holidays :)

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I love your blog! I just wished that you posted more!

Okay yeah, I’m gonna try to. My apologies to everyone, I clearly just suck. It gets harder to come up with actual posts because most of the good ones are already taken and I don’t wanna be like other blogs and start posting dumb things like “You know you’re a volleyball player when you stick a ball in your shirt and pretend you’re pregnant”. Because seriously. That’s def not a volleyball thing. 
Anyways, I’m just giving excuses. I’ll try to post more and if you guys could send in submits that’d be grand too. Regardless, I’ll try harder. 
That being said, club season guys! Who’s excited :D
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Woot woot, club tryouts tonight!

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Q: what are the differences between a libero and a defensive specialist? i mean i know liberos run in while ds get subbed in, but how do coaches decide if you are a libero or a ds?

This is actually a really good question. I’ve been talking to coaches recently trying to figure this out because I’m trying out as libero this year, but DS’s and Liberos try out together so there’s no guarantee of being a libero.

Each coach is different. Liberos need to be the best passer on the team, but they also need to pay attention and be very aware of what’s going on on the court, so that’s something that I think sets a libero apart from a DS.

The main answer I got from coaches when they’re trying to decide who to make libero is who’s better at serve receive. A DS you throw in for defense primarily, but a libero is on full time so you need them to be really good at serve receive, especially because other teams often serve to the libero.

So the short answer is serve receive, but it really depends on what the coach wants. 

Ciara xx

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Q: Just perfect blog!!!

Thank you so much!

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Q: both me and my team are stuck in a rut; we've been on a major losing streak and we're not improving very much. it just frustrates me so much and i dont know what to do, this sport is my life, i just want to be good

All you can do is keep pushing forward. Try to find out why you’re on a losing streak. As much as losing sucks, it’s okay if it’s just because you’re getting outplayed. However the second you guys start losing because of a lack of effort, then you have a problem. 

In times like this, it’s best to step up as a leader. Keep everyone motivated and focus on the things that you can control rather than the things you can’t. Sometimes teams go on a losing streak, it happens. But the way you get out of it is to keep pushing and working to get better. 

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