Question for those who want to play in college?

What school would you want to play for? And what’s your height and position?

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  1. doubtablydifferent answered: Outside and Right side hitter. 5’8” I’d want to play for Michigan
  2. t0t4lly-f3tch answered: Pen State
  3. graceannette answered: im not sure. Im 6 feet and i play middle
  4. idccalista answered: University of Texas at Austin! I’m 5’4 and I’m a DS/Libero :D
  5. aspiringadult-wishfulthinker answered: I want to play for Ottawa University. i’m 13 and 5’10 and i play middle.
  6. john-christopherdepp answered: I want to play for anyone that’ll give me a scholorship! I’m 5’9” and a middle and setter :)
  7. live-like-you-were-dying answered: I would just like to play, I’m not picky. Possibly Pepperdine. 5’3” Libero
  8. musickalpiggy answered: My dream college is University of Illinois, I’m 6 ft-ish and I’m a middle blocker.
  9. mylifeashannnah answered: Cleveland State, and I’m 5 foot 1 and middle back
  10. temporarilypermanent13 answered: I want to go to a school thats good for grades.. idk about Ivy League but some pretty good college, but I want to play too. 5 ft 6 in Outside
  11. nevergiveup27 answered: Ohio State Rightside 5’10
  12. thatdopekidkat answered: Idk if FAMU has a volleyball team. I’m 5’9 and I’m a manager.
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